Rejuve Acupuncture

Come to Rejuve Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic to experience healing on a whole new level! We offer acupuncture, facial rejuvenation, Chinese herbal medicine and also nutritional therapy! Our effective and holistic treatments are by Board-certified, licensed acupuncturists and herbalists whose approach is to treat the cause of the problem as well as the symptom itself!

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Services We Offer



We utilize several different styles of acupuncture to maximize the treatment benefits for you.  These different styles of acupuncture can be combined or chosen individually to best treat your condition.

• Traditional Acupuncture
• Ear acupuncture
• Tan’s balancing treatments
• Korean hand acupuncture
• Scalp acupuncture
• Dr. Wang’s meridian acupuncture


Non-Needle Therapy

Although acupuncture treatments are very relaxing and many people fall asleep in the process, we understand there are still many needle-phobic out there who want the benefits of acupuncture but minus the needles.  That is why we’re offering several non-needle treatment options!  These treatments can be combined with regular acupuncture, or done on their own.

• Cold laser therapy
• Ear pallets
• Color light therapy
• Micro-current therapy
• Cupping
• Moxa heat therapy
• Gua-Sha
• Vibrational tuning fork therapy


ELR Facial Rejuvenation

Allow your face and body to renew and rejuvenate!  The acupuncture and customized color light works on balancing your inner energies, and the micro-current works on perfecting your outer appearance, resulting in youthful, glowing skin and a refreshed, balanced body and mind!

• Non-invasive
• No side effects
• No pain
• No downtime for healing
• Holistic
• Encourage collagen production
• Smooth fine lines & wrinkles
• Even skin tone and reduce redness
• Improves skin texture and color
• Firms sagging skin, jaw line, and drooping eyelids
• Minimize puffiness
• Increase local blood and lymph circulation
• Reduces stress and promotes total health and well-being

Constitutional Benefits:

• Improves acne (caused by hormonal imbalance)
• Helps menopause, perimenopause, PMS and other GYN issues
• Helps sinus congestion and headache
• Reduce symptoms of toothache, TMJ, trigeminal neuralgia, and Bell’s palsy
•Treats most digestive issues
• Helps eliminate edema and puffiness
• Benefits eye, ears and brain
• Retards hair loss and hair graying
• Can help insomnia and dizziness
• Helps depression and aids self-esteem


Chinese Herbal Formulas

We currently carry high potency extract herb powders in granular form.  These are different herbs combined for a specific formula to treat specific TCM diagnosis.  These formulas will be customized and prescribed to you by our licensed, certified acupuncturist and herbalist during your acupuncture and facial rejuvenation visits.

All formulas we carry are:

• Manufactured in a certified GMP factory
• Laboratory tested to insure freedom from contamination of heavy metals, microbes, and pesticides
• Highly concentrated to deliver more medicine, faster
• No pharmaceuticals, dyes or sugars