Daily Tips From Your Acupuncturist (part 5)

Daily Tips From Your Acupuncturist (part 5)

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A review of what we’re trying to do: There are several very simple practices that, when committed to, can drastically improve a persons’ health, quality of life, and even help to alleviate symptoms. The catch is, they have to be done regularly!

Drink More Water!

Water is SO important! We need enough hydration for our cells to function properly, for our joints to be cushioned, to eliminate toxins, etc. etc. etc. It is so important! There are little fluid filled sacks in our joints that when dehydrated aren’t as “cushy” which cause pain and inflammation! One of the most important parts of treatment in many ailments is actually being properly hydrated. Like with back pain from degenerative disc disease or herniation, knee pain, etc. They all require proper hydration!

So, what is proper hydration? Unfortunately, the answer is different for everyone, but a good starting place is half your body weight in ounces every day. For example, if you weigh 140 pounds, you would need to consume 70 ounces of water daily. This DOES NOT include sweet beverages or caffeinated beverages. Some herbal teas are okay and you can count, but in general try not to fudge it, and try to consume this amount all in actual water. Typically, when you start, you will have to use the restroom more often for a period of time, but if your body is functioning normally, this will even out after about a week as your bladder gets used to the extra quantity. If this doesn’t resolve within 2 weeks, you’ll want to get an evaluation from your healthcare provider.

Also of note is that hydration is actually more than just water, it’s your electrolyte balance as well, so if you notice that input doesn’t seem to equal output, or if you feel like the water is just “going straight through you” then you also want to get evaluated for a possible electrolyte imbalance. Correcting it can be as simple as adding something like a magnesium supplement for a short period of time.

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