Daily Tips From Your Acupuncturist (part 3)

Daily Tips From Your Acupuncturist (part 3)

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A review of what we’re trying to do: There are several very simple practices that, when committed to, can drastically improve a persons’ health, quality of life, and even help to alleviate symptoms. The catch is, they have to be done regularly!

Use a dry skin brush

Dry brushing is something that is simple and only takes a few minutes each day, but it can make a remarkable difference on how a person both feels, and how they look! Using a natural fibered brush on the skin before showering is a great way to stimulate the skin, lymphatic system and even the vascular system, which in turn, will boost your immune system. It will even bring more blood circulation to the skin which will aid in collagen production and even cellulite reduction helping for a better skin appearance. You are also stimulating acupuncture points, so it’s almost like getting a daily, general “tune up” acupuncture session. Aside from removing processed foods from the diet, this is probably my favorite “self care” tool, and I recommend it to just about everyone (so long as they don’t have a skin or vascular condition that would render it contraindicated, IE an open sore or wound).

I recommend doing it daily, for a few minutes, following the general outline of the lymphatic system as displayed in the diagram, which, for the most part, is strokes towards your heart.

You’ll want to do it BEFORE showering, as the heat will open up the pores and cause different functions to occur, and you want to be able to rinse away the dry skin. A shower afterwards is not necessary though. I recommend a clean, natural fiber brush, like the one below, which is the brush that I use at home.


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