2 Health Hacks That Can Help You to  Lose Weight And Have More Energy

Are you hitting the snooze button…..multiple times? Do you have to drag yourself out of bed? Do you have a lull in the afternoon where you have to struggle to keep going? You have the best intentions of going to the gym, but just can’t seem to get there, or make time… You want to lose weight, but it just seems so hard…. Well, there’s good news! You can make huge strides and progress with just 4 minutes a day. That’s right 4, not 40! Just FOUR minutes a day, and it’s backed by science!

                       I have two easily implemented suggestions for weight loss and boosting energy naturally! 
                                          AND one  if them is completely free, and you can start right away!

1. Xtra
The Metabolic Model was developed by Univera’s Chief Scientific Officer Stephen Cherniske, and is described in his book, The Metabolic Plan. In this model, our cellular life is compared to a seesaw with damage on one side and repair on the other. The value of Xtra is that it works on both sides of the see saw by pushing down on damaging forces such as oxidative stress (damage caused by free radicals), inflammation and adrenal exhaustion, while providing key factors that support the energy intensive process of repair at the cellular level.You Purchase and Learn More about Xtra HERE, and you can Purchase it HERE.

So want something that is FREE that you can begin to use right away? Well, the (not so secret) secret I found was called Tabatas, a form of High Intensity Interval Training developed by an Olympic Coach in Japan. He worked on finding “the most bang for his buck!” He was trying to develop a system that had his athletes making the most progress with as little of time possible. This would maximize their ability without wearing them down and also decreasing the risk of injury. What he found was that using a specific frequency of intervals of work and rest, the body would actually signal to itself to change its DNA! For those of you who have an inkling towards science, it signals to our DNA to require more production of ATP, so the DNA signals to the cells, especially muscle cells, to create more mitochondria. When there are more mitochondria, more ATP can be produced so we have more energy! Through further research and testing, Tabata found that the shorted amount of time doing this type of exercise that still produces a cellular change was FOUR minutes a day! So in just four minutes, each day, you really can change yourself, on a cellular level! How’s that for having power?

Watch this video for the how-to’s of Tabatas! It gives info on the science, the process, and some tips and tricks to getting started and making the most out of your tiny (but POWERFUL) work out!

Implementing these into my daily routine was truly LIFE CHANGING! I have more energy, and feel great! I got back to my ideal weight, almost without trying! Have you tried them? Tell me some of your experiences with HIIT/Tabata! And please feel free to ask questions below!

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