2 Worthwhile Tools to Discover Your Family History & Gather Health Information

Wonder where you came from? What cultures might be residing in your DNA? What if that information could help you make better health decisions?
These two tools, when used together, can help you to uncover these mysteries and help you form better health choices for optimum health!

  1. 23andme.com23andme.com allows you to purchase, for $99, a testing kit that you gather a sample (don’t worry, it’s just spit!) and send back their lab to get genetic testing with. They will run a full panel of tests on your saliva sample and unravel many mysteries that hide within your DNA! You can, in about 4-6 weeks, find out what your ancestral roots are! Find out if the stories grandma told you were true! Or unlock hidden mysteries and secrets from your ancestral past! This information alone can be worth the money for any curious or inspired genealogist, but there’s more!

    While the FDA has shut down the health portion of the testing from 23andme.com, you can STILL access that information, you just have jump through one extra little (and painless) hoop. See #2 for this great additional tool to complete your genetic profile!

    Click Here to Learn More About 23andme.com

  2. MTHFRsupport.com23andme.com will provide you with the raw data from their testing, and while that information by itself would be worthless to you, unless you are a molecular geneticist, you can use other websites which will let you upload that raw data and get a whole genetic health profile!

    The website that I recommend is MTHFRsupport.com. From my research, it seems to give you the most data, and will only cost you an additional $20. So for about $120 total, you can get access to the information that is hidden away within your DNA!

    How cool is that?

    With Genetic Health information, you can find out if you carry certain genetic mutations that might predispose you to certain conditions or ailments. Please keep in mind though, that these are just predispositions, and are not a death sentence! There is more unknown about genes and genetic testing than there is known about it, so try to not get too hung up over the details.. however, this is the frontier of modern medicine right now and can give you some really useful information regarding your health! See my post here on the MTHFR gene mutation as an example of how a single genetic mutation can mess with a number of different processes within the body that can be easily corrected with natural supplements!

    Click Here to Learn More About MTHFRsupport.com

As genetic testing gets better and better, it is both exciting and terrifying! Have you seen the movie Gattaca? What do YOU think about genetic testing? Have you done it? What have you learned? And what might be your concerns, whether ethical or otherwise? Let me know in the comments below!

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