What Your Acupuncturist Wishes You Would Do. [Intro]

When I first meet a new patient, there is always an overwhelming urge to fix everything right then and there! “Here, let me write you a book about everything you’re doing wrong, and everything you need to change and add in your life to be happy and healthy! Go forth and be happy!” Except that…. well… it’s overwhelming, and chances are they aren’t going to do a single thing, let alone come back to be scolded again…. so we take baby steps – frequent treatments with snippets of advice along the way.

After almost 10 years of doing this, I have found a lot of trends in what advice I give to my patients – a group of either changes or additions to lifestyle or health routines that I teach or utilize with about 80% of the people I see, and that is the point of this next blogging series, to teach these recommendations that seem to be fairly universal, and what’s more important, incredibly VALUABLE to those who choose to take action on these recommendations.

So for the next ten, or so, entries, I will be featuring one of these recommendations including who should use it, how to do it, exceptions and alterations, and of course, the WHY.

It has always been my hope to help as many people as possible to heal naturally, and I am hoping this series will help me to do just that! <3


So stop by tomorrow for the first edition of, Top Ten (or so) Health Recommendations from your Acupuncturist!



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